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Every person has the right to live well.TM


Helping people grow and progress is at the heart of everything we do. Meet some of the people whose lives have been transformed in Sevita programs across the country.

It’s changed our lives. I’m glad every day that I’m doing this because I get to see Mason and Shawn develop their gifts and work towards becoming all that they can be.
Suzanne Host home Mentor
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If you have any extra love to give, please know that there are so many children that need it, are looking for it, and would be glad to have it.
Shunda Mentor Foster Parent
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Love is what these children need, and love is what does everything that needs to be done, not me. I love my children. They’re my heartbeats.
Darius Mentor Foster Parent
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Her outlook on life has improved. She has a whole new meaning to life. My advice to others going through something similar is to not give up and to keep doing what you can do.
Bill Father of Tracy, individual served by Sevita
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Be patient. Work the program and do what the therapist tells you to do. No matter your opinion on what they have you do, just do it. Everything helps.
Carl Sevita employee and individual served
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