Children’s Transition Supports

When it’s time to move to a new phase of life, Sevita's caring team is there.

Sevita’s transition supports help youth with disabilities, mental health challenges, and other needs succeed in every phase of life, no matter what challenges they face.

Every young person deserves to grow and reach their goals. When they do, it’s a time to celebrate. For young people starting school, looking for a job, or moving into their first apartment, Sevita’s transition supports and our caring team members are here to help.

Our team provides support during these exciting and sometimes challenging times. We make sure young people have the skills to prepare them for change and to thrive as they become more independent. No matter what new experiences they may face, Sevita gives them the support they need to live well.

Independent living

We get to know each young person to learn about their interests and goals. Then, we create a transition support plan just for them that helps them build routines and independent living skills.

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Education services

Our education services and school programs provide support and nurturing spaces where young people can learn, develop skills, and make friends.

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In-home support programs

We understand the challenges that come with caring for youth with disabilities. Sevita’s in-home support programs help with daily living activities and household tasks. We support caregivers while helping children grow.

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Day and vocational programs

Our day and vocational programs are fun community spaces where adults can make friends and become more independent. Individuals can enjoy their favorite activities with friends. If they choose, they can build skills for work or more independent living.

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Every person has the right to live well.

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