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Every person has the right to live well.TM

Children’s Specialized Services

Compassionate care to help kids with illnesses, injuries and other challenges grow and thrive.

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Growing up is tough. And when you’re a child with an injury, illness, or behavioral health challenges, sometimes you need a little extra support to reach your goals. You need caring people to help you enjoy being a kid. That’s how Sevita helps. Sevita helps youth from infancy through the age of 20 reach their full potential, regardless of the challenges they face.

Our dedicated team works in homes, schools, and in the community to meet each child and family’s unique needs. We’re passionate about giving kids the support they need to grow and thrive. Our services provide a full range of supports, from rehabilitation following a brain, spinal cord, or other injury to behavioral health and education services.

How can we help?

Sevita helps young people with life-changing illnesses and injuries heal and thrive. We’re here for them every step of their recovery journey, with one-on-one attention in healing spaces.

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Sevita helps children with traumatic injuries and other needs recover. We help kids build or regain the skills they need to return to home, school, and their favorite activities.

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While recovering from injury or illness, youth can continue learning through our NeuroRestorative Academy. Our accredited schools are nurturing places where kids can get one-on-one support and enjoy being with other kids during their treatment.

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Sevita helps young people build the skills they need to deal with challenging behaviors so they can grow and reach their goals.

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We offer services including occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy and other supports to help kids build skills and live well.

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When the young people we serve need to stay home, our team helps them stay connected to care through live, interactive video sessions.

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Every person has the right to live well.

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