Day Treatment

Sevita helps children with behavioral challenges learn and grow, so they can enjoy being kids.

Sevita’s day treatment services help children with behavioral health challenges, autism, and other needs build the skills they need thrive in school and wherever they go in life.

At Sevita, we believe every child deserves to feel the joy of learning. They deserve all the opportunities that come with doing well in school. When behavioral challenges make it hard to focus on learning, we’re here to help.

Our caring team provides one-on-one support in the classroom, after school, or in the home. We work with the child’s whole circle of support, including families, teachers, guidance counselors, and other members of the child’s life. Together, we help them work through the challenges that are keeping them from doing well in school.

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Careers at Sevita

At Sevita, we believe every child deserves to live a full, happy life. As part of our team, you’ll help make life better for children and families and enrich your own life in return.

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Every person has the right to live well.

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