Gill Recovers from COVID-19 and Gets Back to Life

After contracting COVID-19, Gill began having difficulty breathing. He was admitted to the hospital and put on a ventilator in October of 2020. He was then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit, where he stayed for two months. This was just the beginning of his recovery process. Gill’s illness left him with a brain injury, and he needed therapy to help him gain back basic living skills.

When Gill was able to leave the hospital, he went to a rehabilitation facility but did not make enough progress. In early 2021, he was referred to Sevita’s Garland, Texas, program. Although it has not been easy, Gill fought COVID-19 and is now making strides in his rehabilitation.

Before his illness, Gill lived a very active life. He was an enthusiastic fisherman and truck driver, actively involved in his church as Kaufmann chaplain, and a volunteer with prison ministry. Relying on his faith and determination, Gill knew he would have to work hard in therapy to get back to his active life.

When Gill first started his therapy at Sevita, he was dependent on oxygen and a wheelchair and unable to stand. His therapy team created a care plan for his unique needs, including physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy. After the first month in treatment, he could stand up and walk with the support of a walker. Over time, he became more independent.

Making progress every day

Sevita patient Gil sitting up in hospital bed“It’s amazing how much progress I have made here. The full-day schedule here makes a difference and has been really good for me,” said Gill.

“The care staff was phenomenal. I can’t praise everyone enough. I could call up there anytime, and they were there to answer,” said Gill’s wife, Kim. “They pushed him and made him prove himself.”

Natalie Jackson, LBSW, Program Case Manager, has worked with Gill throughout this time at Sevita and is proud of the success he has achieved.

“Every day of this journey, he has woken up to look adversity in the eye, using his weakness as motivation, overcoming all obstacles in his way with gratitude and appreciation for the fragility of life,” said Natalie.

Today, Gill can be away from his oxygen tank and can keep up with his workout therapy. Best of all, he is home with his family and is working hard to get back into the community and doing what he loves.

It’s amazing how much progress I have made here. The full-day schedule here makes a difference and has been really good for me. Gill Individual served by Sevita

Helping people with brain injury get back to the lives they love

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