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Every person has the right to live well.TM


Helping people grow and progress is at the heart of everything we do. Meet some of the people whose lives have been transformed in Sevita programs across the country.

It’s amazing how much progress I have made here. The full-day schedule here makes a difference and has been really good for me.
Gill Individual served by Sevita
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We have shared simple things that mean the most. Whether that be taking their first step at the age of 8, being discharged from specialty doctors, most of all returning home to a family member or being adopted.
Terry Mentor foster parent
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Miss Ann, a foster parent
These kids need love and need someone to listen to them. I never turn a kid down.
Ann Mentor foster parent
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The program has people who help us feel better and improve our health without going to the hospital. My nurse has helped me overcome some of my fears and concerns.
Delia Participant at Sevita adult day health center
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solo picture of jose
Come. It is a center where there are many supports and you can feel good!
José Participant at Sevita adult day health center
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