Open Your Home. Become a Family Home Agency Provider with California MENTOR

As a Family Home Agency provider with California MENTOR, you can help someone with a disability live the joyful life of their own choosing.

We believe every person deserves to live well, no matter what challenges they face. In our Family Home Agency program, also known as host homes, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live with supportive caregivers who help them become more independent and reach their goals. Host home providers do more than just open their homes. They are friends and family to the people they support. They help them grow and thrive.

You can help someone with a disability live their best life. As part of your family, they’ll gain independent living skills and get the support they need to live well.

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Host home providers are independent contractors and not employees of Sevita or its partners. 


Ready to get started?

Find out how you can become a host home provider with our Family Home Agency program. Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get in touch to answer any questions you have. If you live in California, please review our Privacy Notice for California Residents.

Why become a Family Home Agency provider?

Change starts with one. One individual, one life you can make better. Opening your home allows you to help someone in your community thrive.

You’ve got our support.

From skill development classes to being a listening ear during times of challenge, our experienced team is here to support both of you.

Become a Host Home Provider

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I’m glad every day that I’m doing this because I get to see Mason and Shawn develop their gifts and work towards becoming all that they can be. Headshot of Suzanne Suzanne Host Home Provider Read Suzanne's Story
Every person has the right to live well.

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