Why Become a Host Home Mentor?

As a host home provider, you’ll give someone with an intellectual or developmental disability a home to grow and thrive in.

A home is made by the people who live there. It’s where we make memories and build lasting relationships. It’s where we learn, grow, and get support during hard times. A home is something we all deserve.

If you’re still wondering what it means to open your home to an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities, here are a few of the best reasons to get started.

Give someone a home.

Like all of us, adults with disabilities thrive in a home setting. It’s a place where they find comfort, structure, and routine, as well as friendship and family bonds. They also get a little gentle encouragement and a lot of caring. That’s where independence starts.

Change starts with one.

One individual, one life you can make better. Opening your home allows you to help someone in your community thrive. Both your lives will be changed forever because of it.

You’ve got our support.

Opening your home to an individual with disabilities isn’t easy. That’s why we provide an entire team of experienced people to help both of you. We’re here to answer questions and provide a listening ear.

Want to learn more?

If you have questions or would like to start the process of becoming a Mentor, please fill out the form below.


I’m glad every day that I’m doing this because I get to see Mason and Shawn develop their gifts and work towards becoming all that they can be. Headshot of Suzanne Suzanne Host Home Provider Read Suzanne's Story

Support from our expert team

As a host home Mentor with Sevita, you’ll be supported by a team of experienced and caring people who are passionate about helping adults with disabilities live well.

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Our culture

At Sevita, we’re a culture dedicated to the belief that every person deserves to live well.

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Your journey starts here

Find out if being a Mentor is right for you. Our team is available to answer your questions and walk you through the steps for becoming a host home Mentor. Connect with us today.

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Every person has the right to live well.

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