Day & Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Regaining independence after illness, injury, and other challenges

Our goal is simple: get those we serve back to home life, work, and the community activities they love. We develop a treatment plan tailored to each individual’s needs and adjust treatment as new skills are learned. And when people reach their rehabilitation goals, we celebrate with them.

Day treatment

Day treatment prepares people to return home and be active in their communities. Our day treatment team creates an environment of learning that supports people as they take on more daily tasks. With our support, individuals relearn skills and gain the confidence needed to reach their recovery goals. We help people learn how to work through the challenges they face in new phases of their recovery journey.

Vocational programs

We use work as treatment. Our supportive teams help people regain or build work skills through therapeutic work tasks. At the same time, they earn money for their work. Depending on each individual’s needs, skills, and interests, work tasks may include assembly and packaging, clerical work, woodworking, landscaping and sanitation, therapeutic crafts, and much more.

Neurobehavioral supports

Our neurobehavioral programs support adults with life-changing injuries as well as behavioral challenges and other needs in gaining the skills they need to handle challenging behaviors.

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Supported and transitional living

Sevita supports people with life-changing injuries, behavioral, emotional, and other support needs in regaining the skills and confidence they need to live safely in their own homes or community settings.

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At Sevita, we help families, case managers, and other members of an individual’s circle of care find the right services for their needs.

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Our impact

For more than 50 years, Sevita has helped people recover and build the skills they need to live well every day. See the difference we’re making.


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Careers at Sevita

We believe every person deserves to live a full, more independent life. As part of our team, you’ll do meaningful work that helps people live the joyful lives of their own choosing.

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Every person has the right to live well.

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