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Helping individuals with disabilities live their best lives, whatever challenges they face

The Tungland Company helps children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of challenges live well. Our services include supports for every stage of life, from residential services to day programs to vocational support services. Our caring team members are committed to helping each person we serve develop independent living skills and positive relationships that help them reach their goals.

The Tungland Company is a part of the Sevita family. Sevita is a leading provider of home and community-based specialty health care.

Tungland serves individuals in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. Contact our team now

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Residential Services

Tungland’s residential services help people of all ages build independent living skills and be an active part of the community. With the help of supportive staff and host home providers, individuals form strong relationships of friendship and family that help them thrive.

  • Group Homes: Staff provide up to 24/7 care in warm, comfortable homes where individuals can build independent living skills and enjoy life in the community. (Group home services are known in some states as 24-hour homes and other programs.)
  • Host Homes: In our host homes, known in some states as developmental homes, family living or shared living, supportive providers open their family homes to an adult or child with developmental disabilities and provide the nurturing support they need to live well.

Host home providers are independent contractors and not employees of The Tungland Company or Sevita.


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In-Home Services

Our Habilitation and Attendant Care in-home services help the people we serve live in the home of their choice instead of assisted living or nursing homes. Supports include help with:

  • Daily living skills such as personal care, housekeeping, meal planning, and grocery shopping
  • Social, communication, adaptive, and motor skills development
  • Medication management
  • Respite
  • Transportation
  • Support participating in community activities
  • Medication assistance and/or reminders
Caucasian man with glasses working on a painting art project in his day program

Day and Vocational Services for Adults

For adults with disabilities, Tungland’s day and vocational services offer hands-on learning and fun activities. Individuals can choose from a wide range of activities that match their interests such as:

  • Movies
  • Art and music
  • Library visits
  • Restaurant dining
  • Learning opportunities

We also offer vocational services to help individuals build work skills that match their goals and interests.

In some states Tungland also offers customized community supports, in which caring staff provide individual or small group support in community settings.

Girl receiving early intervention education services and teachers playing with blocks in school

Day Services for Children

Tungland’s day services support school-aged children with disabilities through fun summer and after school programs. We offer hands-on learning with activities such as:

  • Art and music
  • Field trips to museums, movie theaters, parks and more
  • Physical education
  • Life and social skill development
  • Behavioral supports

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