Family Behavioral Supports

Sevita helps families stay together.

We believe children thrive in loving homes. To help families stay together, Sevita supports them in overcoming the challenges keeping them from thriving together.

Our team is made up of master’s-level therapists. They create support plans just for each family and their unique needs and goals. We also consider the family’s culture and home life preferences. We help them identify their natural strengths and how they can use them to work better together With our caring support, they build skills to support them, including:

  • Communication
  • Strengthening relationships at home and in the community
  • Working together through crisis in a positive way
  • Finding community services to support them

Sevita’s therapists also use Family Centered Treatment (FCT) an evidence-based model of care that helps the whole family grow and stay together.

Our impact

At Sevita, we know positive change is possible. And we’re here to help make it happen. Using Family Centered Treatment, we’ve helped children across the country lead happy, full lives.


of children using FCT had a successful placement at discharge.


of families using FCT reported positive progress on their primary treatment goal.

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