Neurorehabilitation Services

Sevita's rehabilitation programs help adults with brain and spinal cord injury and other needs reach their goals and live well.

Adjusting to life after a brain or spinal cord injury takes time and the support of skilled and caring rehabilitation professionals. We’re here to help.

A brain and spinal cord or other type of injury can change everything in a person’s life. At Sevita, we support people in overcoming the challenges that follow a life-changing injury every day. Whether an individual’s goal is to return to home, work, or school, we’re here to help each step of the way. We provide neurorehabilitation services in many settings, including inpatient, day programs, and in peoples’ homes.

Sevita’s dedicated team provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy as well as other supports tailored to each person’s unique needs. We’re dedicated to helping the people we serve heal and thrive.

Day and vocational services

Our day programs help adults regain and build the skills they need to get back to their lives. For individuals who want to return to work, we’re here to support them, too.

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Neurobehavioral supports

Sevita’s neurobehavioral services help people better deal with behaviors and emotions so they can safely enjoy life at home and in their community.

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Our impact

For over 50 years, Sevita has helped people recover and build the skills they need to live well every day. See the difference we’re making for people with brain and spinal cord injury.


of surveyed individuals served reported being satisfied or very satisfied with services provided.

Careers at Sevita

At Sevita, we believe everyone deserves to live a full, independent life. As part of our team, you’ll do meaningful work that helps people get the most out of every day. And the work will enrich your own life in return.

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Every person has the right to live well.

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