Remote Supports

Derike and Adam have been friends since they were kids. They grew up together. And they're still growing and thriving. They live in a home supported by remote technology that helps them to live more independently while getting the support they need. See how Derike and Adam are living well.

Remote Supports Help People with Disabilities Live Their Best Lives

Homes and communities are where people thrive. We’ve held this belief since our founding in 1967 and have worked to make it reality for the thousands of individuals we serve. We were pioneers in the deinstitutionalization movement – which helped people living in hospitals have the opportunity to live in homes and communities.

Today, we are using innovation and technology to do more for more people. We work closely with each individual, their family, and case managers to design a custom plan that’s tailored to their needs and goals. Our goal is to help the people we serve live more independently while helping ensure they have the support they need – both in person and through technology.

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